Dentist – Dr. O – 4 Ways to Better Dental Health and Smile in 2020!

Dr. O gives 4 ways to create a better 2020 with your dental health! New Years Resolutions – How Dental Health can impact all 4 areas that people generally want to improve in the new year! Health Effects * Periodontal Disease – Gum and Bone Disease * Gingivitis – Gum Infection * Tooth Decay Financial Effects * Dental care is expensive and only gets more expensive overtime * Small cavities / small fillings turn into Large Cavities / Crowns- turn into infection/ abscess – needing root canals then turn into extraction and root canals Time & Schedule * Missed work for dental care * Emergency/ pain can impact work and family life Confidence / Beauty * A confident smile delivers value every waking moment leading to living life more expressively and fully * Ultimately it is about how you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally 4 Things to Make the Best our if 2020 1. Brush and floss regularly 1. Brush at least twice a day for 2 min. 2. Floss at least once a day 2. Diet – avoid sipping sugary beverages 3. Get a professional cleaning from an amazing hygienist 4. Have a complete oral exam with X-rays and proper imaging to help fix decay and infection. Bonus * Correct issues that will lead to future problems like missing teeth * Implants * Alignment * Cosmetic enhancements * Simple as whitening * Veneers * Full mouth rehabilitation