OLED Pulse Finger Pulse Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor Fitness Health with Digital Display $19.99 – Slickdeals.net

Are these really useful except for diagnosing emergencies?

Every time I’ve gone in for a physical or checkup, it’s 98%+. Can people really self-diagnose anything (COVID?) from this stat? Or is there a fitness trend driving this?

Thanks, OP. I recently had a COVID scare and my O2 level was slightly low and the doc was like “if you have trouble breathing, go to the ER.” I searched for one of these and they were impossible to find, especially at a good price. Much better to get an idea of the O2 and know if there’s an issue than to spend 3 hours in the ER because I’m “concerned”.
I’ve noticed that prices of oximeters have been jacked up since early March when the whole virus situation exploded. I was following the price of a Facelake FL400 oximeter and it was usually priced under $15 before March and now it’s around $40 (camel camel camel dot com /product/B0117V8Q2O).

I’m still interested in getting a cheap oximeter though. Are they basically all clones of each other? Would appreciate any advice on shopping for one.

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